Hummelstown and Hershey

Our hosts for Thanksgiving 2003 Theresa and Rodney. The whole family was together and we had a lot of fun :-) Theresa and Mom did all the cooking Thanksgiving Day they made it look so easy we didn't know they had made so much food until they were almost done! I don't want to make you all jealous, but since those two are professionals it was an excellent meal with plenty of leftovers ...

Friday was suppose to be a shopping day, but Mom said something about Launi almost going coast-to-coast and the next thing you know ... well, read here for our impromptu adventure!




Theresa and Rodney live near Hershey PA. In fact, they are so close to the factory they can smell the chocolate some mornings from their deck. The street lights in Hershey all look like Hershey's Kisses. The old factory has a lawn with shrubbery that spells Hershey Cocoa.



Theresa and Rodney's home, where nine of us comfortably stayed for two and a half days. They have a lovely creek running behind their house (in Kansas, this would be confused for a river.)




Some scenery from Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, these are considered mountains. In Washington, they would be foothills.

Half way between Hershey and Wheeling WV, it began to snow. Driving wasn't bad, but it did make for a lovely sight. The next weekend, Theresa said they received 8 inches of snow.



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