Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

After Thanksgiving dinner, some of us are in front of the television when Mom says that Launi has almost gone coast-to-coast. Brian asked how far it was to the coast – about 2 hours to Delaware and about 3 hours to New York City. Somehow, the topic got on to the Statue of Liberty and in an instant a side road trip was born. It was Mike who made the final decision to go (“Dude! - We are so there!”), so we decided to get up very early and Mike, Matt (Rodney's son), and Brandon (Theresa's son) would go with us to the Statue of Liberty.

It was a rainy morning the day after Thanksgiving, but the trip through Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey wasn't too bad. (note – PA and NJ have a low threshold for what they consider a “clean” restroom). We arrived at Liberty State Park in time for the noon ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It was quite foggy and misty, with a light drizzle in some places. We weren't able to get a good view of the Manhattan skyline, but Mike did manage a nice picture. Ellis Island was somewhat clearer, as we could see the buildings from the ferry. Our luck didn't hold out at the Statue of Liberty – she was shrouded in mist and hard to see. You are no longer allowed inside the statue, so we walked around the base and got photos of Lady Liberty as a silhouette.

The drive back wasn't bad either and we got home about 5pm. Despite the weather it was a wonderful trip.

Launi and Lady Liberty

Brandon, Matt, and Lady Liberty

Mike, wet hair, and Lady Liberty

The Manhattan “Skyline”

Brian and Launi on the ferry

Ellis Island from the Dock

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