We decided to take our winter, "fun in the sun" vacation in Albuquerque in 2006.  Good timing, too, as Olympia was in the middle of its record-setting consecutive days with rain.  In Albuquerque, they hadn't had any real rain since the previous March.  We woke to blue sky (first time in 25 days) and the weather never let up.  We had a great time visiting art galleries, wineries, and Sandia Peak.


Albuquerque's Old Town, with its art galleries and tourist shops.  The city of Albuquerque was occupied by Confederate forces in March 1862 and re-captured by Union forces in April 1862.

The church of San Felipe de Neri church has continuously served the community since 1706.



Sandia Peak has the world's longest tramway.  The 2.7 mile tramway takes you to the top of the peak (10,378 ft).  When there isn't a drought, Sandia Peak is a popular ski area.


Casa Rondera is one of the wineries in the Albuquerque area.  The picturesque grounds give the winery a Spanish Mission feel.  We enjoyed the wine tasting and the chocolate wine sauce.


While looking for one of the area wineries, we crossed the Rio Grande.  We also saw this road sign outside a small village Northwest of Albuquerque.


The interchange between I-25 and I-40.  The overpasses are decorated with a turquoise-colored stripe while the walls are decorated like the area landscape.


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