While we were in Kansas for Thanksgiving (2006), we road tripped with my parents to Branson, MO.  Branson is in the Ozark Country of Missouri and is just north of Arkansas.  Visiting Branson also gave Launi and I a chance to visit our friend Brenda and visit Arkansas together.

We didn't stay long in Branson.  We arrived one night and saw Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Christmas program (Dolly wasn't there) and we had a chance to visit Brenda the next day (see here for our trip to Brenda's) but a severe winter storm approached Branson for our second night.  We decided to pack up early and try to drive through the storm during the day while it was rain.  We were lucky and stayed south of the ice and snow.

After our visit to Dixie Stampede, we went to Table Rock Lake and visited the Port of Lights.  Below are some of the photos we took as we drove through the lights.



The Snowflake tunnel - above, the tunnel before we
entered; upper left, going through the tunnel;  lower
left, individual snowflakes






Peace On Earth - The Dove "flies" while carrying the ribbon.


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