San Diego

We flew down to San Diego for Presidents Day weekend in 2005.  When they say it never rains in California, they lied - it was sunnier in Seattle than it was in San Diego.  It was still a wonderful time.  We stayed in the Gaslight district where there are lots of fabulous restaurants.

On Saturday, we went down to Seaside Village, a small shop market down by the waterfront.  We had lunch, looked across the bay to Coronado Island, and did a little window shopping.

On Sunday, we visited Balboa Park.  Besides the San Diego Zoo, there are lots of museums and other buildings in the park. They have an outdoor ampitheater for pipe organ recitals.

There is a circle drive surrounding a fountain, and the drive is encircled building that have a Spanish flavor to their architecture.

We spent a lot of time in two art museums.  We had a wonderful time looking at the Benjamin West exhibit.  The exterior of the other (larger) art museum pays homage to three Spanish patrons - Velazquez, Murillo, and Zurbaran.


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